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Word to your mother.

2009-07-03 08:09:39 by MuteBlackStandard

Sup peeps.

Very soon I will have completed a hell of a lot more audio, so be prepared to have your eardrums raped. Ok, maybe not...

Tracks include remixes of some of your favourite classics: Beethoven Sonata, The Godfather Theme Tune, and of course that old Hungarian folk tune Czardas!

My god, I am awesome.

Oh, and before you go click on me!

*disclaimer: loss of will to live after listening to music made by artist "MuteBlackStandard" is your own responsibility. Contrary to recent allegations, MuteBlackStandard did not kill music.

After my first account (Greyflag) being banned from audio submitting, I'm delighted that my music has been allowed onto NG with this account. So far I have 3 GameMusic tracks on here, more to come this week!